NASA declared the winners of ‘Human Exploration Rover Challenge’, two groups of Indian students won, know what feat they did?

Indian students won NASA’s competition

Image Credit source: NASA

NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge: American space agency NASA has announced the names of the winners of the 2022 Human Exploration Rover Challenge, the title won by two groups of Indian students.

Two Indian student groups from Punjab and Tamil Nadu participated in the NASA 2022 Human Exploration Rover Challenge.Human Exploration Rover Challenge) has won the competition. This information was given in a press release. America’s space agency NASA (NASA) i.e. National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced this in an online award ceremony on 29 April. 91 teams from 58 colleges and 33 high schools (high schools) participated in the competition.

This time a group of American and international students were asked to design a manned rover that could reach the rocky body found in the solar system. According to the press release, students of Decent Children’s Model Presidency School, Punjab have won the STEM Engagement Award in the High School Division. The team from Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Institute of Technology was declared the winner of the Social Media Awards in the College/University category.

Detailed information on website

“This year students competing in Huntsville were asked to design a course that mimicked the obstacles,” said Audra Brooks-Davenport, who leads the challenge activities at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. .’ NASA has always been organizing similar competitions for students around the world. He has also released complete information about this competition on his website in detail.

What is the purpose of such competitions?

NASA has stated on its website that for more than 25 years, NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge and its sponsors team of students from the US and around the world have been encouraged to push the boundaries of innovation. They are encouraged to imagine how the Moon, Mars and other worlds would be explored. This competition reflects the goal of NASA’s Artemis program, under which the first woman was sent to the Moon.