NASA found super black hole in our galaxy, more than 40 lakh suns are contained!

If you are interested in knowing about space then you must have heard about Black Hole. Black holes are one of the places that have remained the biggest mystery till now. It is said that its gravitational force is so strong that it can engulf any planet, even an entire galaxy! It is said that nothing can cross a black hole.

NASA has a scare about black holes information is shared, NASA has said that we do not need to go far to know about black holes, but a black hole exists in our own galaxy Milky Way. NASA has said that there is a black hole named Sagittarius A in our Galaxy, which contains millions of Sun-like bodies. NASA has even estimated that there can be up to 4 million suns in this.

Black holes are known to have supergravity zones. Its power is so great that it attracts everything that comes in contact with it. The reason for this is believed to be the principle of gravity. According to which, the larger an object in the universe, the greater will be its gravitational force. In such a situation, when NASA says that there can be more than 40 lakh suns in Sagittarius A, then you can guess how high its gravitational force will be.

The energy of a black hole is said to be so high that it absorbs the largest planets along with their satellites. If it is said more simply, then no one can know what is inside it. Because no law of physics works here.

At the moment, this news of NASA is shocking. The discovery of new black holes in our Galaxy makes us curious about them again. Scientists have now started research to find out about black and its secrets anew. Maybe in the coming time, you will get even more shocking information from NASA about these black holes.



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