NASA JWST Captures Rare Image of Star Going Supernova

US space agency NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has taken a surprising image of WR 124, a rare Wolf-Mayet star exploding or being a supernova. This star is about 30 times the size of our Sun. The outer layers of this star are visible. This has resulted in a large amount of dust and other material which is causing glare. An explosion in a star during its cycle is called a supernova.

Published on LiveScience Report NASA officials are quoted as saying, “Only a few of the massive stars reach such a phase before becoming supernova. It is very important for astronomers to understand the mysteries of space.” This very large star is located 15,000 light years away. The James Webb Telescope took its image for the first time in June last year. The cloud can withstand this when the star goes supernova and propels the dust into the universe. NASA officials say dust has an important part in how the universe functions. It shields the newly forming stars.

There is more dust in the universe than astronomers estimate. This type of image can provide information about the mysterious source of this dust. Before the James Webb telescope, astronomers did not have enough information about the formation of dust in environments like WR 124. Research in this regard can be increased after getting the actual data.

recently NASA Curiosity’s spacecraft took a clear image of the Sun’s rays on Mars. This image was taken under the series of Twilight Cloud Survey. The survey started in January and will continue till mid-March. Sun’s rays are also called crepuscular rays. They are visible when the sunlight shines through the space between the clouds. This is the first time that the Sun’s rays have been clearly visible on Mars. These rays are most visible on Earth in hazy conditions, when light is scattered by smoke, dust and other particles in the atmosphere. These rays appear to meet at a point across the cloud, but actually run parallel to each other. <!–


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