NASA Shows Awesome Image of Earth At Night, Internet Says, India Shining Like A Star

The American space agency NASA has shared an image of the Earth’s night. In this, clear patterns of human settlements are visible on the earth. Images of the Earth at night have been a cause of curiosity for people. It is also a source of basic research for almost 25 years. These reveal the way humans have shaped this planet and dispelled the darkness.

NASA Has shared a picture of the earth shining with light in the night about seven years old on Instagram. In this, the outer part of the earth is visible in light blue light, in this the lights of the cities in Europe and North Africa are also visible. NASA wrote in the caption of this post, “This image shows the lights of the Earth at night. It is taken from a composite technique that selects the best cloud free nights of each month.” “Using this data, we can monitor changes in power delivery, storms, earthquakes and collisions,” Miguel Roman, a former NASA scientist, is quoted as saying.

“We can also look at changes caused by human activities, such as holiday lighting and seasonal changes. We can also monitor changes due to urbanization, migration, economic changes, and electrification,” he explained. This image of NASA is being liked a lot on the internet. It has got more than 1 million likes and thousands of comments. Some users have written in posts on the internet that India is looking like a shining star.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope sent to space has detected the explosion or explosion of WR 124, a rare Wolf-Mayet star. supernova Took a shocking image of being. This star is about 30 times the size of our Sun. The outer layers of this star are visible. This has resulted in a large amount of dust and other material which is causing glare. An explosion in a star during its cycle is called a supernova. This very large star is located 15,000 light years away. The James Webb Telescope took its image for the first time in June last year. The cloud can withstand this when the star goes supernova and propels the dust into the universe. NASA officials say dust has an important part in how the universe functions. It shields the newly forming stars.



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