Nasa Warns Giant Asteroid 2023 DZ2 To Fly Close To Earth Today Has Potential To Destroy A City

Asteroids or meteor bodies are such celestial bodies in our space about which we still know very little. Scientists are constantly studying them. These meteor bodies are also called minor planets, which continuously revolve around the sun. Many times they come close to the earth while roaming in their orbit. For the past several months, asteroids have been continuously passing through the Earth. According to space agencies, meteorites or asteroids moving in space are a threat hovering around the Earth. Space agency NASA has again released information about a large asteroid coming close to the Earth.

NASA Has released information about a large asteroid passing close to the Earth. It is going to pass through the closest to the earth today. Its size has been said to be very large, due to which it has also been called dangerous. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (According to Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), its name has been given by NASA as 2023 DZ2. Today i.e. on Saturday, this meteorite will pass closest to the earth at a distance of 175000 km. NASA has said that the incident of asteroid passing so close is a Occurs once in a decade, so it can also be considered an opportunity for scientists to study asteroids.

The team of the asteroid monitoring agency has given information about it by tweeting. In which it is said that this is the best opportunity to study 2023 DZ2. This meteorite was first observed in February 2023 by the La Palma Observatory located in the Canary Islands. Its size has been told from 144 to 325 feet in diameter. That is, it is about 44 to 99 meters in size, which is considered to be a very large size.

Although the probability of asteroid hitting the earth is said to be very less, but if we assume that 2023 DZ2 collides with the earth for some reason, then how much damage it can cause to the earth. In response to this question, the report of Live Science says that it can harm a large part of the earth. In 2013, a meteorite named Chelyabinsk exploded in the sky in Russia, which damaged 7,000 buildings. More than 1400 people were injured in this. This asteroid was 59 feet in size. Whereas 2023 DZ2, which will pass near the Earth today, is thrice the size of that asteroid. That is, you can imagine the damage caused by it. <!–


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