NASA will send pictures of naked humans to space to contact aliens

NASA has been trying to contact aliens for a long time and now the space agency has decided to take a new step in this direction. NASA scientists are planning to send naked pictures of humans into space. They have now decided to send digital pixelated images of a woman and a man, for which contact with other life can be done in the outside world, according to a latest media report. Human DNA as well as information from gravity is also included in this illustration.

The Sun’s Report It is said that NASA scientists have taken this picture as a Study which was part of a project called ‘Beacon in the Galaxy’ (BITG). This picture is not actually a nude picture of real humans, but a sketch of a naked man and woman. There is also a depiction of DNA on the side of the woman and gravity is also depicted through falling objects on the side of the man.

The report says that the main objective of the BITG project is to send messages to any type of alien civilization present in the outside world. Scientists believe that this picture of humans waving (greeting) in the air will help them to connect with life in the outside world. Along with humans, scientists believe that DNA and gravity made in binary way will help to know about our planet.

The pixelated drawing of a man and a woman created by NASA
Photo Credit: NASA

Scientists believe that binary language can be understood in the outside world as well. He says that “binary is the simplest form of mathematics because it involves only two opposing states: zero and one, yes or no, black or white, mass or empty space.”

The report further states that the concept of sending naked humans into space is not new. The Pioneer Plex, sent into space on the 1972 Pioneer 10 and 1973 Pioneer 11 missions, also contained images of naked humans. The plaques were attached to the spacecraft’s antennas, which are still traveling away from Earth today. Pioneer 10 sent its last signal to Earth in January 2003 from a distance of 7.6 billion miles.<!–


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