NASA’s Hubble Telescope returned to work after a month of failure, see its first pictures sent here

Hubble Telescop Released New Images: The American space agency NASA’s Hubble Telescope has started working again after recovering. He has sent two beautiful pictures of the Galaxy (Hubble Telescope Current Status). Hubble started working on July 17, it was bad for about a month. The Hubble Telescope’s payload computer had malfunctioned, which NASA engineers had to work hard to fix. These two pictures have been released by Hubble for the first time since recovery.

NASA’s Bill Nelson said in a statement, ‘I am pleased to see that Hubble’s eyes have returned to the universe once again (Hubble Telescope Computer). She has once again started taking pictures that have been inspiring and inquisitive to us for decades. It is time to celebrate the success of the mission team’s dedication. NASA and the European Space Agency launched the Hubble Telescope in April 1990. Since then it has remained the eye of the earth present in space.

black and white pictures of galaxy

In the black and white photos sent by Hubble, a unique view of the Galaxy is visible. The image on the left is of ARP-MADORE2115-273 (Interacting Galaxy Pair). Which are actually two different galaxies in an intergalactic tango. It is 297 million light years away from Earth. Earlier, astronomers thought it was a ‘collegial ring’ system (Hubble Telescope Captured Images). On the latest pictures, NASA has said that the interaction between the galaxies is visible in it. Which is leaving behind stars and dusty gas.

It’s so different from our Galaxy

On the right, the picture is of ARP-MADORE0002-503, a large spiral galaxy located at a distance of about 490 million light-years from Earth. If you are thinking that it is similar to our Galaxy, then think once again. NASA has said, ‘It extends to a radius of 163,000 light-years, making it up to three times more extensive than our Galaxy (Hubble Telescope News). Most disk galaxies have an even number of spiral arms, but three odd ones.

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