NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter makes 25th flight to Mars, see amazing view of another world!

If you’re also interested in seeing another world, take heart! NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has created another feat of flying on Mars and has sent the footage to the Earthlings. This was the 25th flight of the Ingenuity helicopter to Mars. NASA has released its video. NASA has said that this was the longest and fastest flight of the helicopter so far.

On April 18, NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity flew again to Mars. It covered a distance of 2310 feet (704 m) at a speed of 19km/h. Nasa a day ago video released In which the hair-raising view of the flight of its Mars helicopter is shown. At present, the NASA team is now preparing for its 29th flight.

In a statement, Teddy Janatos, head of the Ingenuity team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in southern California, said in a statement: “The navigation camera on the bottom of the Ingenuity helicopter showed a breath-taking sight, 33 feet above the Martian surface at 19 kilometers per hour. How does it feel to fly?”

Video That in itself is wonderful. It starts a second after the helicopter takes off. When it reaches a height of 33 feet the helicopter starts flying. Its shadow can be seen moving rapidly on the surface of Mars. Within three seconds the helicopter reaches its maximum speed. The footage is said to have been sharpened five times. So a flight of 161 seconds is seen to be less than 35 seconds only.

Grains are visible in the video footage and it gives us the feeling of flying over the desert-like surface of Mars. Initially, sandy surface is seen in it and then the surface becomes rocky. At the time of landing the helicopter again showed a sandy surface which was safe for it to land. The black and white camera at the bottom is designed in such a way that it automatically shuts down at a distance of 3 feet from the surface so that the navigation system is not damaged by sand etc.



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