Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is afraid of going to Mumbai due to fear of Kovid 19, said- do not know when I will come back

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has finished shooting for 2 consecutive films during Kovid. After finishing the shooting of both films, now Nawazuddin has come to his home Budhana where his mother and family are. Nawazuddin spent most of his time here in lockdown last year.

Not only this, Nawazuddin also cultivated here. But as soon as the situation became a little normal, then Nawazuddin completed his work commitments. Nawazuddin then took a break and detoxed himself after shooting Sangeen and Jogira Sara Ra Ra.

Now after going home, Nawazuddin says that he does not know when he will come back to Mumbai. Actually, while talking to E-Times, Nawazuddin said, ‘Every day I pray that everyone should come back as before. The country should get out of this trouble. Let everyone become normal and start doing all the work.

When asked about Nawazuddin’s return to Mumbai, he said, ‘Situation is very bad right now. I do not know when I will come back to Mumbai. Regarding shooting for Sangeen, Nawazuddin said, ‘I shot Sangeen in January. We shot the film in London. Everything was empty there. The new Kovid strain was coming due to which there was a complete lockdown in London. There was a very scary situation, but we shot with precisions.

Nawazuddin went to Bengaluru to detox himself

A few days ago, Nawazuddin’s wife Alia had told that the actor has started paying a lot of attention to his health. Because of which he is very happy. Nawazuddin has taken time off for himself by taking a break from work.

Alia had told that a resort is connected in the detox center in Bengaluru, where Nawaz was kept between the maximum protocols.

Were fired on celebs who went on vacation

A few days ago, Nawazuddin started a class of celebs going on vacation. He called all those stars who were roaming during the Kovid and were sharing photos of the vacation on social media.

Nawazuddin had said, ‘What will those people talk about? About acting? These people have made Malaviv a spectacle. I do not know what arrangements are there with his tourism industry. But as a human being, please keep photos of your vacation with you. Everyone is facing this difficult time here. Covid cases are increasing rapidly. Do not break their hearts by showing these photos to those who are facing difficult times.

‘We are entertainers, we have to grow up a little bit. If many people follow us, then we have to fulfill our responsibility. When Nawaz asked if you would ever go to Maldives, he said, ‘Absolutely not, I am with family in Budhana, my home. This is my Maldives.

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