NCTE Teacher Training: Big Decision! Ban on these institutes of teacher education, do not take admission here even by mistake, see the complete list of NCTE

NCTE introduces zero academic year in many teacher education institutes (file photo)

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Teacher Education News in Hindi: NCTE has banned many teacher education institutes. These institutes cannot take any admission in this academic session. Zero academic year has been implemented here. See the complete list of institutes in this news.

Teacher Education Course Admission 2022: A notification has come to alert the candidates who are preparing to take admission in teacher education course. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has taken a big decision. Many teacher education institutions across the country i.e. Teacher Education Institutes have been banned for a year. In these institutions, 2022-23 has been declared as Zero Academic Year. That is, these institutions cannot take a single admission in this academic session. NCTE has released the list of teacher training institutes who are eligible to take admission in teaching courses in this academic session. Why have the rest of the institutions been banned? Know more what is the reason behind this strict action taken by NCTE?

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