Neeraj Chopra took off his coat and danced in Virat’s show, Desi Boy looted Desi dance, VIDEO | neeraj chopra viral video of dancing in sports honors award in mumbai

India’s Olympic medalist Neeraj Chopra appears in a cool style on very few occasions. In the Sports Honor Award, Neeraj danced carelessly, whose video is becoming quite viral.

Neeraj Chopra is India’s most successful athlete

Image credit source: neeraj chopra twitter

New Delhi. Olympic medalists of India Neeraj Chopra His personality is such that wherever he goes, he gets attracted. Be it a tournament, award function or any other event. As soon as he leaves, there is only his name everywhere. Recently, this star player reached the Sports Honors Award function. This player was looking very stylish in black coat and pants. Here his style was seen which everyone was surprised to see.

Although Neeraj is very sociable but he is also shy. He does not talk about himself very openly and most of the time talks only on things related to sports. On Thursday, when Neeraj reached the award function of RPSG and Virat Kohli Foundation, he danced fiercely there, the video of which has become very viral.

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Neeraj Chopra danced hard

In the video of Neeraj which is going viral, he is seen with influencers Ruhi Dosani, Yash Raj Mukhate and Deepraj Jadhav. Neeraj was earlier holding the coat in his hand and he was dancing on a Punjabi song. Within a short while, a different avatar of Neeraj was seen where he was seen carrying the coat over his head and dancing fiercely. This is the first time when Neeraj was seen dancing in such a carefree manner. Fans liked the video of their champion very much.

Neeraj Chopra will train in Turkey

Neeraj Chopra will train in Turkey for two months from April 1. The Sports Ministry has approved his training program. Neeraj Sarkar’s tops are part of. The government will also bear the expenses of Neeraj’s travel, stay, medical insurance and travel to Turkey. This includes the cost of living, eating and drinking for Neeraj’s coach and his physiotherapist. Neeraj has to participate in the Diamond League in May, and after that he has hopes of a medal in the World Athletics Championship.

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