NEET Exam Tips: Ask yourself these questions, chances of cracking NEET will increase

If you fail to crack NEET, it does not mean that your career will be ruined. Here are the tips to crack NEET Exam.

How to prepare for NEET 2023. (signal photo)

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NEET 2022 result was released this month. For this more than 15 lakh students apply every year. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ie NEET Exam In this, many students become successful and some fail. Unsuccessful candidates have to face disappointment, but they learn from their failure and start preparing again with hard work. However, some students give up after their first failure. This kind of thinking is not right.

If you fail to crack NEET, it does not mean that your career will be ruined. Here we will tell you what to do and what not to do for the preparation of NEET Exam.

What should I do if I am not able to crack NEET?

1. First of all, relax and think about yourself. This is the most important job. Find out what was the reason behind your failure. Did you give your 100 percent or could you have done better?

2. Many people will tell you that NEET is not the end of life and many will ask you to re-appear for the exam. In such a situation, you have to listen to the voice of your conscience, work with your conscience.

3. Can you imagine doing anything else in life? If the answer is yes and you don’t want to waste a year, you can change your line. If you can’t imagine doing anything else and you haven’t given your 100 percent then start preparing again.

4. You think yourself best, so it is up to you to decide what to do next. Others can only guide you, but ultimately your life is going to be affected so decide wisely.

5. If you change your line then give your best and if preparing for next time, make sure to prepare honestly. For this, if you follow some things from today itself, then cracking NEET 2023 is not difficult.

How to prepare for NEET 2023?

If you want to prepare thoroughly for NEET 2023, then without wasting time you should start your work. First of all it is necessary to revise the basic NCERT books. After that practice the previous year paper. Time management will have to be done for all this, but it is easy. You can divide your preparation into two or three phases. Remember, if you study for 100 hours a week and others do 50 hours, you can achieve a lot in half the time. Revise or solve model papers in the remaining time.

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  • Study the NCERT book at least twice before the exam for Biology, as 80-90% questions come from it. You are not required to correct every question. It is not necessary that you attempt every question correctly. No book can teach you how to do this. So stay relaxed and do only what is necessary.
  • Don’t focus too much on the derivatives for Physics. Learn to use the formula, as the questions coming in the exam are easy to calculate. Find them in previous year papers. Many people will ask to solve NCERT problems but it is useless because the calculation of NCERT questions is difficult which are not covered in the exam and it also takes more time. So do only the things that come in the exam.
  • Three things have to be prepared in Chemistry: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Prepare for Physical Chemistry in the same way as Physics, because NCERT calculations will eat up your mind. Simple calculations are asked in NEET exam which you can check in previous years papers.
  • Read NCERT twice for organic chemistry. That would be enough. Start preparing with the previous few years papers. Try to learn important chemical reactions and processes for organic chemistry. Also solve previous year question papers.

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