Neha Kakkar’s parents had to listen to people’s taunts to make their daughters sing, the story told on the stage of Super Dancer

In Sony TV’s dancing reality show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ today, Contestant Anshika won the hearts of the show’s guests Neha Kakkar and Honey Singh with her scintillating dancing performance. Neha Kakkar was so happy to see her dance that she praised Anshika and said, “Anshika aap toh chha gayi yaar. Your dance was great. You have performed very well. God bless you, wow. Not only this, Neha’s eyes became moist after hearing the story of Anshika’s struggle.

Neha Kakkar while narrating her story said that like Anshika’s mother, her parents helped her break the restrictions attached to being a girl in the field of singing and entertainment. She said, “We used to live in Rishikesh, I was very young at that time. I started singing at the age of four, my didi started before me. Even now Rishikesh has become very advanced, but earlier people used to tell my parents why you lose girls.

Tell the story of your parents

Neha Kakkar further said that people used to say that how these fathers are losing girls, but our father worked very hard ignoring these things and he made sure that the talent of his daughters should come in front of everyone. We started with very small jagratas, and people couldn’t accept that the girl was singing, but our parents supported us.”

Singer Neha Kakkar saluted

Congratulating Anshika’s mother, Neha said, “It is a great thing that parents supported us so much, especially us daughters. Like him, you are also very great and very courageous. Salute to you ma’am.”

Honey Singh also praised

Not only Neha Kakkar, Honey Singh was also so impressed with Anshika Rajput’s performance that she awarded Anshika the title of “Dynamite”. During this, Anurag Basu also called Katappa to congratulate Anshika, although he did not break the cup as usual, but instead gave a cup full of chocolates to Anshika and called her performance an international level performance. Judge Geeta Kapoor was also very impressed with this dance, describing Anshika as the definition of a super dancer and said, “You are fabulous. You are a super dancer.”

Tomorrow will be elimination

Tomorrow’s episode of this dancing reality show, which is set to take the finale further, will see a race between the contestants to join ‘Super 8’ where two contestants will be sent back for revision.

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