Net Worth: How much wealth does Vijay, who is seen in slippers, have? Charges this much for 1 film

Vijay Devarakonda News: Vijay Devarakonda started his acting career in the year 2011 with the Telugu film Nuvila. Today he is the owner of crores of wealth.

Vijay Deverakonda

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Vijay Devarakonda Net Worth: Film lager Who debuted in Hindi cinema from (Liger) actor vijay deverakonda He is the superstar of South’s film industry. Vijay’s stardom increased overnight with the film Arjun Reddy in the year 2017. With this, he joined the list of big stars of Telugu cinema. Although Vijay is known for his simplicity, but he has wealth worth crores.

Vijay Devarakonda started his acting career in the year 2011 with the Telugu film Nuvvila. After this he did many supporting roles. In the year 2016, he played an important role in Tharun Bhaskar’s film Pelli Choopulu (2016). After this he appeared in films like Arjan Reddy in the year 2017 and then Dear Comrade in 2019. Apart from this, his Geeta Govindam, NOTA, World Famous Lover were also well liked. With his strong acting in these films, he started ruling everyone’s hearts.

how much does vijay charge for a film

According to media reports, Vijay used to charge 6-7 crores for a film before Liger. At that time he was limited to Telugu films, even though many of his films were liked by the Hindi audience as well. However, it is claimed in the reports that Vijay has been given Rs 20-25 crore as salary for the film Liger. Please tell that the budget of this film itself was around Rs 90 crores.

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How much is Vijay’s net worth

According to, the total net worth of Vijay Deverakonda is around seven million i.e. around Rs 56 crore. Vijay has built a luxurious house in Hyderabad, the cost of which is said to be around 15 crores. Vijay also has a collection of luxury vehicles. However, the special thing is that Vijay is often seen in a simple look. Vijay himself has also mentioned that he comes from a middle class family and has achieved everything through hard work.