Netherlands won the match, the family became ‘Messiah’, distributing food in the poor village of Puri. Hockey World Cup 2023 netherlands players families feeds Odisha poor Dalit villagers

The families of the players of the Netherlands team have become messiahs for the poor of Odisha. He has won the hearts of the people here

Netherlands hockey team has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup

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Netherlands team running in India hockey world cup Made it to the quarter finals. In the second quarterfinal match, this team defeated Korea 5-1. For the Netherlands, Koen Bijn scored twice in the 27th and 31st minutes, while Justen Blok (36th), Stijn van Heijingen (50th) and Teune Bens (58th) scored the other goals for the team. Inwoo Seo scored the consolation goal for South Korea in the 51st minute. Where on another ground this team is licking the dust of the opponents, on the other hand the families of these players have become messiahs for the poor people of Odisha.

In the last few days, the families of the players involved in the Netherlands team (Dutch team) go to poor villages far away in Puri and spend time there. He didn’t think like this while coming to India, but now he is feeling very good after doing this. He has become a kind of messiah for these villages.

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Dutch family on Odisha village tour

Kathleen, the mother of Netherlands forward Terence Peters, first put this idea to the rest of the family. Everyone agreed to this. In the Netherlands itself, a person working in an Indian NGO had informed him about the condition of the poor Dalit village. Before leaving for India, Kathleen had promised that she would visit the village when she went to Odisha. He told this to the rest of the family and everyone agreed to go with him. This included the parents, wives and girlfriends of the players. All these people hired cooks with their own money who cooked food for the villagers.

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Donation of food and medicines to the villagers

Zeep Jansen’s mother Ellet from the Netherlands Indian Express Told, ‘We talked to the villagers there, listened to their story, talked to their children. He danced for us and blessed us. He also donated medicines and other essential things for the people of the village. All these people are very happy to come to India. He was surprised as well as happy to see the craze for hockey among the people here.