Never bet against India… Why did Anand Mahindra say this?

People know industrialist Anand Mahindra as one who speaks his mind openly. Recently, in a tweet, he warned the global media to ‘never underestimate India’. This is the whole matter…

Anand Mahindra Tweet: People know Anand Mahindra for his outspokenness. Often his posts on social media leave the biggest Tees Maar Khan unanswered. Now recently he has told the global media in an almost warning manner that ‘he should not play any bet against India…’ Know why he said this…?

At present, the issue of Hindenburg Research report is in the limelight in the Indian business world. This report has made the shares of industrialist Gautam Adani’s Adani Group in a tizzy. At the same time, a big crisis has also been created for Adani Group. In such a situation, questions are being raised in the global media about India becoming the world’s economic power in the future. Anand Mahindra has given his statement in this context.

Earthquake, Drought, Recession, War, India has seen a lot

Anand Mahindra said in his tweet, “There is a discussion going on in the global media about the current crisis prevailing in the business sector of the country, lest this incident weaken India’s goal of becoming a global economic force. I have lived a long life and have seen my country go through earthquakes, droughts, depressions, wars and terrorist attacks. All I can say is ‘You (Global Media) should never underestimate India’.

Hindenburg shook the stock market

America’s short selling company Hindenburg Research has recently shaken the entire Indian stock market. In a report released on January 24, Hindenburg Research said that Adani Group has inflated the price of its shares. Not only this, many companies of the group have committed accounting fraud. The Adani group has termed these allegations as baseless.

But its effect on Adani group companies can be clearly seen. Shares of some companies of the group have crashed by 50 percent. There has been a decrease of $ 120 billion in the market capitalization of Adani Group. The owner of the group Gautam Adani, who till recently was the third richest person in the world and Asia, has now reached far behind.

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Meanwhile the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected India’s economic growth rate to be 6.1 percent in 2023. Whereas in 2022 it has been 6.8 percent.