Never even seen a real gun, but 26-year-old Tso confronted the man who killed 10 people

After investigation, the police said that a man with a machine gun was roaming in the area. The shooter had several rounds of ammunition. Later the attacker shot himself and committed suicide.

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Image Credit source: AP/PTI

America Of Los Angeles Two days ago, during the celebration of Lunar New Year, people were fired indiscriminately. Ten people were killed in this firing. Later, 72-year-old attacker Hu Can Tran shot himself. It has now been revealed that a 26-year-old youth named Brandon Tse had disarmed Hu Can Tran during the attack. This person had never even seen a real gun before. Police said that about 30 minutes after the shooting, Hu Can Tran went to another location, Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio, where he encountered Brandon Tse.

Speaking to the New York Times after the incident, 26-year-old Tse said, “The man was staring at me. I was panicking badly. I felt that I am going to die. I didn’t know that the gunman had killed 10 people in a dance hall just minutes before.” He said, “I lunged at the assailant and disarmed him by snatching his weapon, thereby averting another attack.”

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When he started preparing his weapon, I pounced on him – Tse

Tse, who works as a computer coder, said, “I didn’t recognize the man. Looking at him, it seemed as if he was looking for more targets to harm people. When he started preparing his weapon again, I pounced on him, because I knew, if I did not disarm him, everyone would be killed.

‘Go the fuck outta here’

Tse continued, “I finally snatched his weapon, looked at him and shouted, ‘Go, get the hell out of here’. After this the person went towards the van. His gun was in my hand. I immediately called the police.” This incident was also captured in CCTV.