New drone policy will come in Gujarat, 25 thousand people will get employment, registration will be like this

Gujarat government is going to come out with ‘Drone Promotion and Usage Policy’. With this, 25 thousand people will get jobs in the state.

New drone policy will be brought in Gujarat

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The Gujarat government is now going to come up with a new drone policy. This will provide employment to thousands of people in the state. Actually, gujarat government has decided to increase the commercial use of drones by government and private bodies. For this, a new ‘Drone Promotion and Usage Policy’ has been announced. This will not only increase the commercial use of drones, but the government will also make it safe by making rules for drone use. It is believed that 25 thousand jobs will be created in the drone sector of Gujarat through the new drone policy.

Actually, pilots, co-pilots, users and manufacturers on the ‘Sky Platform’ will have to complete the registration. After this, they will be given an identification number from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Also, they will be given a demarcation area to operate the drone. The Gujarat government plans to use drones for different departments to complete different tasks. This includes everything from monitoring vehicle emissions to counting lions in the forests of Gujarat.

different departments will use drones

The Drone Policy aims to better meet the challenges by using the Developing Drone Technology, so as to take advantage of this existing technology and become efficient in it. Departments will have to inform in advance of their target for the drone and the cases where they are going to use it. The Home Ministry will use drones for crowd management, border surveillance and disaster management. The Agriculture Department will use drones to maintain soil quality, spray pesticides and sow seeds.

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The health department will use drones for the supply of medical items. The state government recently used drones to monitor the Rath Yatra. The drone initiative is scheduled to last for the next five years, after which an extended model will be introduced. India is taking the rapidly growing drone sector seriously and many states are introducing drone policies. Recently, the Assam government launched the first drone school in the Northeast in Guwahati, offering a week-long course to teach students about the mechanics, operation and technology of drones.