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New Karakin Map Will Join Game on April 7 India Comeback Still Mystery, new Karakin Map will come on April 7 in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Update: Karakin map has been announced for the global stable version of PUBG Mobile. Developers have given this information through the official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile. Developers say that a new map will be added to the game on 7 April. Karakin is the sixth map of the PUBG Mobile game. However, developers are temporarily removing the Vikendi map from the game with the release of the new map. The Karakin map was first introduced in the PC version in February last year and was expected to be in the mobile version for the last few months. Many players expected the new map to be introduced with PUBG Mobile Update 1.3, but this did not happen. But now the wait for the fans is over. A new Karakin map will be added to the game on 7 April.

PUBG Mobile launches new Karakin map in the game on April 7 through its social media accounts Declaration Of. The developers also reported that with the introduction of the new map, the Vikendi map will be temporarily removed from the game. Karakin Map is a 1 year old map. It was first introduced in PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG) and was in the beta version of PUBG Mobile for some time. Now it is going to make its way into the global stable version of PUBG Mobile.

The new map comes with a 2 × 2 size. A total of 64 players can play in it. Being small, the map will have exciting matches. This map is well-liked by PC players, as it also periodically rains bombs from the sky. It is called Demolition Zone. It varies with every match. This can prove to be dangerous for camping players. A siren is played first, followed by shells from the sky.

Sticky bombs are also found in this map, which help expose the players hidden behind the walls. They are effective in breaking the walls. In addition, the Karakin map can contain bullets through thin walls, which is dangerous for campers. All of this makes the game in Karakin Map quite exciting, because you cannot camp, you have to change your strategy from time to time.

The map is coming on April 7, but Indian fans will not get a chance to play it. PUBG Mobile in India from September 2020 Bain Is and no information has been given by Krafton about its return at the moment. Developers say that talks are going on with the Indian government about the return of the game. However, the stance of the government seems to be tough.<!–


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