New trouble for Apple due to not selling charger with iPhone, know what is the reason?

Apply Iphone: Hundreds of iPhones have been seized from various shops in Brazil. Because the company was selling its smartphones without charger.

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Apply Company : Without charger in retail box iphone Selling has cost Apple. Due to this, a big problem has arisen for the company. Hundreds of iPhones have been seized from various stores in Brazil. because the company Smartphone Selling without charger. These iphones have been seized following orders from the Brazilian government. This is not the first time such action has been taken by the company against Apple for selling iPhone without charger. Even before this, Apple has been fined twice in Brazil for this reason.

A report by 9To5Mac has revealed that the country carried out this crackdown to confiscate iPhones in multiple stores, and the latest move by the Brazilian authorities has been codenamed “Operation Discharge”. According to the information, the iPhone has been seized at carrier stores as well as at the company’s authorized reseller stores. This action has been taken against Apple for not selling the charger with the phone.

Let us know that Apple has stopped shipping the charger with the iPhone 12 series. A few days after its launch, the Brazilian government started raising objections to the decision. Right after the Brazilian government confiscated the iPhones, Apple (Brazil) requested the government to return the iPhones. Because the iPhone maker was reportedly allowed to sell the smartphone till the final decision is passed.

Apple was fined so much

In October, Apple was fined BRL 100 million (about Rs 150 crore) for not sending a charger in the box, and the company said it would appeal in court. This Sao Paulo state court’s decision against Apple came after a lawsuit was filed by an association of borrowers, consumers and taxpayers, which said the brand was abusive in selling its premium devices without chargers. For this, in September, Apple was fined about $ 2.5 million earlier.

Officials gave this statement

Statements from Brazilian authorities have also surfaced, stating that the company was initially banned from selling its iPhones in Brazil, unless it was planning to offer a charger in the box as well. Later permission was granted to sell the unit till the new finalisation. Due to not having a charger, people have to spend extra money. Which is against the rules.

Apple will have to sell charger with iPhone

At the same time, the company is trying to save money by talking about saving the environment. Desh said that it is an important accessory that is needed to charge the phone’s battery and the iPhone cannot function without it. Therefore, according to the court’s decision, Apple will also have to send the charger in the box.

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