New weapons vehicles and themes will double the thrill

PUBG New State developer Crafton has announced the release of an update for the game on December 9. As part of the update, the game will get new weapons and vehicles, as well as more customization options for existing weapons, a new lobby theme, and Survivor Pass Volume 2. Like the previous update, the new update also brings bug fixes and improvements to PUBG New State. Is the game getting any new modes, maps or events with this update? Crafton has not made any announcement regarding this.

The update of PUBG New State is expected to release on December 9. via a blog post Announcement Has been. As part of the update, Crafton will introduce a new weapon, the L85A3 assault rifle. It is a variant of the Bullpup Assault Rifle and uses 5.56 mm of ammunition. The L85A3 rifle can be found at Erangel and Troi. According to Crafton, this rifle performs well in mid to long range firefights.

Crafton says that two new vehicles – the Electron and Mesta – will also be introduced for those playing PUBG New State. Electron is a 6 seater minibus. It is more durable than the rest of the vehicles in this game. It can be found at Troi or Training Ground. In this, the players can also change their seats in the car. The second vehicle, the Mesta, is a two-seater sports car. It comes in two models Standard and Open. Quickly picks up speed. Mesta can be found in Erangel, parts of Troi and the training ground.

Crafton has also added weapon customization options to PUBG: New State. The L85A3 assault rifle now has a vertical foregrip bipod, making it easier to control. The M416 now has a longer barrel, which does more damage than before. Players can swap the 7.62 mm barrel of the SLR rifle with the 5.56 mm barrel. This makes aiming easier.

Players of PUBG: New State will also get Survivor Pass Volume 2. It will go live on December 9. Dream Runners Faction’s Bella is the featured character of this pass. The second volume of Survivor Pass also gets rewards for Premium Pass. On reaching level 48, the survivor will be given a 1,500 NC reward.

The lobby theme has been updated with background and music. The BP Store background has also been updated. Crafton has also introduced many bug fixes and improvements in PUBG: New State. presented Huh.



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