New WhatsApp desktop app for Windows launching Mark Zuckerberg announced full details

Another great feature has started for WhatsApp users. Meta, which owns WhatsApp, has announced a new WhatsApp app for Windows desktop. With the help of the new WhatsApp app for desktop, users will be able to add up to 8 people in a video call. Not only this, audio calls can be made with 32 people from the desktop itself. WhatsApp has claimed that desktop users will also be given the facility of end-to-end encryption, that is, no third person will be able to see or hear their calls.

As per the information, the rollout of the new app has started. It can be installed by going to Microsoft Store or whatsapp website of Can also be downloaded from The company has also claimed that WhatsApp now loads faster on desktop. The new app is built in such a way that users of WhatsApp on the phone and WhatsApp on the desktop get the same feel.

Mark Zuckerberg made this announcement from his official Facebook profile. He said that a new WhatsApp desktop app is being launched for Windows. He said that now 8 people can be added on video calling from the desktop, while audio calls can be made with a maximum of 32 people.

The company has said that it will continue to increase the limit of users so that people can always stay connected with friends, family and colleagues on WhatsApp. The company has said that it will also bring a new Mac desktop version of WhatsApp, which is currently in beta version. Recently WhatsApp has introduced two new features for WhatsApp groups. Update has announced. With the new updates, admins will get more control over the privacy of their groups. These changes come after the updates made in the last few months. This includes making WhatsApp groups bigger. Additionally, admins can also delete messages sent to groups they manage.

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