New York Shooting: Age 62, Frank James, the suspect who opened fire on people in New York, US, has been identified

The suspect has been identified as Frank James

Image Credit source: Twitter

New York Shooting Suspect: Police has shared a picture of the man who carried out the shooting incident in New York, USA and told that he has been identified as Frank James.


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Apr 13, 2022 | 8:05 am

In the US, the suspect who injured at least 20 people in a shooting at a metro station in Brooklyn, New York has been identified. The New York Police Department has shared a picture of it and told that the suspect has been identified as Frank James. The police wrote in a Twitter post, ‘Take a look! This person is the person of interest of the incident that happened in the morning in the Sunset part of Brooklyn. The investigation is on but any other information would be helpful. The police have not linked the incident with terrorism. One more thing to note, Western countries including America have called a person of interest, who is potentially accused of an incident.