New Zealand team not satisfied with Pakistan’s preparations

The three-match ODI series between Pakistan and New Zealand is to begin from September 17. But, before this the host board has suffered a major setback. Controversies have already started arising about which. What is the full news related to this, know through this special report. t20 world cup It is near and before that the resentment against the host of the guest board is nothing less than a concern for the fans.

Kangaroo not happy with Pakistan team’s preparations

If the information is to be believed, due to the absence of Decision Rebuy System (DRS) in the ODI series between the two teams, this series will not be a part of the World Cup Super League. Because of this, no points will be given to both the teams. Each match carries 10 points. The PCB and broadcaster could not arrange for an ICC approved DRS service provider. According to a report quoted by Cricinfo, New Zealand has refused to consider this series as part of the World Cup Super League without DRS technology.

However, the Kangaroo team will once again visit Pakistan in 2022-23. At that time a series of 2 Tests and 3 ODIs will be played between these two teams. During that time these matches can be organized under the World Cup Super League. So far Pakistan has played 9 matches on the basis of Super League. With winning 4 of these matches, the team has 40 points and is at number six. Kangaroos have won all three matches so far. In which it has 30 marks.

ICC has given place to 13 teams in Super League

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For your information, let us tell you that 13 teams have been included in the Super League of 2022-23 from the ICC. Host India and top-8 teams will qualify for the ODI World Cup to be held in 2023. All the matches of this tournament will be played in India. The remaining 5 teams also have to play qualifying matches. Each team has to play 8 series. 4 in the house and 4 outside the house. Talking about the points table, the defending champion England team remains on top with 95 points. At the same time, the match between Pakistan and New Zealand (Pakistan vs NZ) has been given a different mode.

Players can challenge the on-field umpire’s decision

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Talking about the DRS, there is such a process in which any player challenges the decision of the on-field umpire. After this, with the help of video replay and techniques like ball tracker, Hawkeye, hot spot, pitch mapping, the TV umpire takes a review decision of the on-field umpire’s decision. If the on-field umpire’s decision proves to be correct, the team taking the review loses the DRS. If the decision comes against the umpire, the review remains intact.

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