New Zealand to ban TikTok on devices linked to parliament cites security concerns more details

Another name has been added to the list of countries that have banned TikTok. Now the matter of banning the Chinese app in New Zealand has come to the fore. In New Zealand, it has been announced to ban Tiktok on government devices. The government has said that the app will be banned on devices used in Parliament. Giving reasons, it has been said that there is a potential threat to the security of the country from the app.

chinese short video app TikTok The difficulties are increasing continuously. In the past, many countries have banned the app, in which the name of New Zealand has also been included. Reuters’s Report According to the New Zealand Parliament, the app will not be able to be downloaded on the devices used. In this regard, information has also been issued to MPs that China’s video sharing app Tiktok will be banned by the end of the month in all the devices of Parliament.
According to the report, the government informed about this through email and said that the decision to ban Tiktok has been taken after our own analysis. The ban on the app in New Zealand does not cover the phones of Members of Parliament. But according to the issued order, if a member has to use any app of Parliament in the phone, then the Tiktok app should not be installed in his phone at that time.

Recently the app was also banned in the United Kingdom. chinese short video app Banned in Canada too has been carried out. app before Banned in America too has been carried out. In these countries too, this ban has been imposed on the app for government devices. Giving the reason, the government had said that the privacy and security of the country is at risk from the app. TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance which is said to have ties to Beijing. It is said about the app that the data of all the users of the world is stored in it. At the same time, it has been said on behalf of Tiktok that it does not tamper with the data of the users.


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