News9 Impact: As soon as the voice was raised against the Uttarakhand Cricket Association, the High Court took steps

It is being said that Dehradun Police has not been able to trace CAU Secretary Mahim Verma and his associates.

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Following the report of News9Live on June 9, 2022, 12 MLAs of Uttarakhand filed a petition against the Uttarakhand Cricket Association. After this, on June 20, the father of the Under-19 cricketer also lodged an FIR.

Uttarakhand Cricket Association (CAU) News9Live constantly broke the news about financial irregularities and wrong selection of players in India. After this, in the investigation of 3 months, it came to light that one of the 7 members associated with the state union, an FIR was registered against CAU secretary Mahim Verma this month and Dehradun Police is unable to find him. Following News9Live’s report on June 9, 2022, 12 MLAs from Uttarakhand filed a petition against the CAU under Section 310 of the IPC. After this, on June 20, Virendra Sethi, father of Uttarakhand and Under-19 Team India cricketer Arya Sethi, lodged an FIR against the CAU secretary and 6 others at the Vasant Vihar police station in Dehradun. It is being said that the Dehradun Police has not been able to trace Verma and his associates.

There was a demand for cancellation of FIR and postponement of imprisonment.

On June 24, a 3-member legal team representing Verma filed an appeal in the Uttarakhand High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, seeking quashing of the FIR lodged by Sethi and deferment of imprisonment. On June 27, a single bench of Senior Justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari heard the petition. Also, gave instructions to the investigation team. This investigation team was formed by Dehradun SSP Janmaiji Khanduri after the FIR lodged by Sethi to find 7 members of CAU, so that their investigation could be completed. Also, taking into account the legal guidelines of the Supreme Court judgment in Arnesh Kumar v State of Bihar (2014), so that necessary interrogation of the accused can be conducted. In fact, in that case, the court had said that arrest should be an exception in those cases, in which the sentence of imprisonment is less than 7 years. Simultaneously, the Uttarakhand High Court directed the accused to cooperate in the investigation and asked the state government to respond to the petition by July 18. The next hearing in this case will be held on July 18 itself. Investigation has revealed that Verma has not been seen in and around the CAU headquarters or in Dehradun since June 22. Sources claim that Verma was last seen in Kashipur, where the District Cricket League was being organized.

Cricketer had received death threats

This was the second tournament in which Uttarakhand cricketers were not given adequate accreditation. Apart from this, Verma’s phone has been unreachable for the last 72 hours. According to the information, Sethi has lodged an FIR under sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 323 (intentional hurt), 384 (recovery), 504 (intentional insult) and 506 (criminal intimidation). Sethi alleges that during the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021 in Rajkot in December last year, Uttarakhand coach Manish Jha, team manager Navneet Mishra and video analyst Piyush Raghuvanshi threatened to kill his son. Sethi alleged in the FIR that after the incident he met CAU secretary Verma at his Dehradun residence and tried to resolve the matter, but instead he was asked to pay Rs 10 lakh, which would help his son Arya. Let there be no hindrance in future in cricket career. Apart from Sanjay Gosain, two other members Satyam Verma and Parul Sharma have also been mentioned in the FIR, who have been accused of conflict of interest. Gosain runs the Tanush Cricket Academy on the outskirts of Dehradun, which houses the CAU office. Gosain’s son Tanush is a state level cricketer and he was also included in the Ranji Trophy team of Uttarakhand this season.

CAU officer confessed to wrongdoing

Last week, News9Live also listened to a recording of a phone conversation of a CAU official whose job is to conduct the selection trials. He confessed to the misappropriation and extortion and said that his hands were tied, while Verma and others were not present in the office. After the publication of News9Live’s report, many more came to the fore and made allegations of wrongdoing against CAU. Twelve MLAs from Uttarakhand (one of whom is the president of Nainital District Cricket Association) had raised questions about the mismanagement of the CAU in the assembly under IPC Rule 310. Talking to reporters after the assembly session in Dehradun, he informed that when there was a lockdown in the country due to Corona epidemic and the whole country came to a standstill. At that time, how the CAU had claimed to have spent exorbitantly in the name of conducting trials and tournaments. In this matter, independent MLA Umesh Kumar requested the Uttarakhand government to intervene and take action. Also, at the end of his speech, he said that if this does not happen, then he will take this matter to the Supreme Court.

Claims of spending crores of rupees even in lockdown

When MLA Umesh Kumar was contacted in this matter, he repeated the allegations of financial disturbances in CAU. “According to the official figures, CAU claimed to have spent a total of Rs 12.53 crore on tournament fees during the financial year 2019-20, of which Rs 2.46 crore was reported as professional fees,” he said. At the same time, during the financial year 2020-21, when there was a lockdown due to Corona epidemic and cricket was not being played. During that time, CAU claimed an expenditure of Rs 11.44 crore on selection trials, tournaments and their hosting and catering. He told that CAU claimed to have spent Rs 2.45 crore on professional fees during the financial year 2019-20, when there was no Kovid at that time. In such a situation, how did he reduce this budget to Rs 6 crore during the epidemic? When there was no covid, there were no restrictions anywhere and cricket was being played all over the country, at that time a total of Rs 2.27 crore was spent on professional fees. Raising the question, he said that when the entire country was under lockdown, at that time CAU spent Rs 6.75 crore on professional fees. When there was no lockdown, the CAU claimed to have spent Rs 8 lakh as accounting and consulting fees, but how did it cost Rs 16 lakh during the lockdown? Apart from this, he also paid interest to the vendors. You tell me who pays the interest to the vendors? Here the figures were shamelessly manipulated and now someone’s accountability should be fixed in this matter.

Many cricketers left the game due to poor management

Let us inform that in this matter the residents of Pauri had written a letter to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami. These people included parents of local cricketers. He requested an inquiry into the alleged unfair selection process and corruption in CAU and Pauri Cricket Association. In this letter, the parents had claimed that more than 50 young cricketers from Pithoragarh district quit the game, allegedly due to mismanagement and poor behaviour. Just 48 hours later, CAU officials held a press conference in Dehradun on June 14, in which they dismissed all the allegations as completely baseless and untrue. At the same time, it was emphasized that how the best facilities are being provided to the cricketers of different levels in the state for training and living. During that time a local newspaper of Kashipur was introduced, which showed the lifestyle of young cricketers of Uttarakhand during a district league. Apart from this, two special people associated with Uttarakhand Cricket claimed to be selected in a messy and unfair way.

This is what happens when the reins come in the hands of those who do not know cricket.

Indian cricketer Mansi Joshi’s coach VS Rautela expressed grief over the state of Uttarakhand cricket and blamed the current administration of CAU for mismanagement. Rautela said, ‘This is a sad situation and it happens when people who do not have knowledge of cricket take care of the whole business.’ Raising the question, he asked, ‘Who is legitimate and who is a fraud? The way these people played cricket in the state over the last several years, things turned hazy. To whom is the money going? Why is this fee being charged? Why is the matter not being probed? He said, ‘Those who have played cricket, who understand the game and are in love with it, they should look after the affairs of Uttarakhand, but the sad truth is that non-cricketers are in charge and now you can see That’s how bad our state is in cricket. He said, ‘You look at the example of Irfan Pathan. He went to Jammu and Kashmir and found talent in the local league. The result is in front of you in the form of Umran Malik. And here in Uttarakhand we don’t have any such talent, because the association is busy making money and fooling the local people. Some people come from outside and fool the people here and leave after making money. In 2015, the BCCI appointed Apoorva Nadkarni as the strength and conditioning coach. She was appointed as a trainer for Uttarakhand’s senior women’s cricket team and under-23 team on 8 August 2021 on a two-year contract. On March 26, 2022, she left a training camp in Haldwani. She checked out from the team hotel that night and went to her home in Gujarat.

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Support staff and players had taken the edge

According to Nadkarni, his working relationship with the women’s team physiotherapist Meenakshi Negi suddenly soured. Support staff and players shunned him before he was removed from the team’s WhatsApp group overnight. At the same time, another trainer was kept in his place. According to Nadkarni, the team manager and physio instructed the players not to follow their schedule. Instead they were asked to follow the schedule of the new trainer, which was added to that WhatsApp group. Nadkarni said, ‘I was feeling humiliated and when I asked why I was dropped from the group and why a new trainer was added in my place, no one had any answer. How can a physio recruit and hire someone on his own, that too in just one night? What was the procedure followed in this case? When I asked this question, there was no answer. I was just ignored. After this, during a training camp in Haldwani during March, Nadkarni alleged that the entire coaching staff boycotted him. He claimed that not a single player was allowed to talk to him and he was left alone outside during the meal while the rest of the coaches were sitting in the AC cabin. Nadkarni, who left the camp on March 26, sent her resignation to the CAU and left the hotel overnight and returned to her home in Gujarat, said, “It was like mental harassment and torture.” He alleged that such random appointments are very common in Uttarakhand cricket and no question is asked about them.