Nick Jonas is spending time waiting for Priyanka by looking at the clock, the actress said ‘this is Indian stretchable time’

Nick Jonas kept counting the hands of the clock while waiting for actress Priyanka Chopra. Nick waited for hours for Priyanka to attend an event. Nick has shared its video on which Priyanka Chopra has given a great reaction. watch video

Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jones

Image Credit source: Instagram

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas: How long are the hours of waiting for someone nick jonas ask from. actress Priyanka Chopra Nick is counting the hands of the clock while waiting for Actually Nick and Priyanka had to go to attend some event. In such a situation, Nick is sitting in a restaurant waiting for Priyanka. While waiting for Priyanka, Nick drank many drinks and shared the video on social media. However, on Nick’s video, Desi Girl has replied in a very desi style.

Nick kept waiting for PC Chopra for 2 hours

In the video shared by Nick Jonas, he is waiting for someone again and again. She wrote in the text on the reel, “She said I’m leaving at 7, but it’s 8.45 now.” Commenting on this video, Priyanka has written. This time zone is “Indian Stretchable Time”. Priyanka made Nick wait for about 2 hours.

Priyanka replied in this style

Lots of comments are coming on this video. One user has written, ‘Priyanka works according to Indian time.’ People often get late in India. Many times it becomes a habit of people to reach late, but people in foreign countries are very punctual. In such a situation, this incident of Priyanka has shown that even though she lives abroad, she is an Indian by nature.