Nikhat will spend prize money on parents, not luxury car, told what is the plan after becoming world champion. World champion Nikhat Zareen wants to send her parents to perform Umrah with prize money.

Nikhat Zareen won the gold medal in the World Championship on Sunday. Along with this gold medal, Nikhat was also given a Mahindra Thar car and prize money of Rs 82.7 lakh.

Nikhat Zareen won the world champion title for the second time in a row.

Image Credit source: BFI Photo

New Delhi. India’s young boxer Nikhat Zareen won the gold medal in the World Championship on Sunday. Nikhat became the world champion for the second time in a row by defeating Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Tam 5-0 in the final of 50 kg category. Along with winning the medal, this player has also got a prize money of one lakh dollars i.e. 82.7 lakh rupees. Nikhat told in the press conference after the final match that what she is going to do with this amount.

Nikhat had expressed this desire some time ago that she wants to buy a Mercedes with the prize money, but now her plan is something else. She wants to spend this amount on her parents instead of spending it on a car. After winning the gold medal, Nikhat also told why she canceled the plan to buy a car.

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Nikhat wants to send her parents for Umrah

Nikhat says that he has already got the car, so he has left the plan to buy Mercedes. Tournament sponsor Mahindra has given a Thar car to every player who won gold in the World Championship. Nikhat now wants to send her parents for Umrah with the prize money. She said that the holy month of Ramzan is going on and she will send her parents on Umrah with her prize money, but for this she will first go home and talk to them.

Did this work to stay motivated

Nikhat also told here that she did a lot to motivate herself. He had written ‘Champion’ on a paper and put it on his bed. She used to watch this chit every morning while waking up and sleeping and then worked hard for it throughout the day. Nikhat told that her final match was very difficult. Both the players got a count and a warning. for them commonwealth games After this it was the biggest tournament. During the match, she was only listening to the instructions of her coach.

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