Nikhat Zareen becoming world champion is just a tableau, yet to win gold at the Paris Olympics!

Nikhat Zareen’s next target is to win gold in Commonwealth Games and Olympics

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Nikhat Zareen won the gold medal in the flyweight (52kg) category by defeating Jitpong Jutamas of Thailand 5-0 at the World Boxing Championships. This boxer told how she reached Arsh from the floor.

world champion boxer Nikhat Zareen (Nikhat Zareen) said that facing difficult situations in her career made her mentally strong because then she told herself that whatever happens, I have to fight and give my best. Nikhat continued her stellar performance to win the gold medal in the flyweight (52kg) category by defeating Thailand’s Jitpong Jutamas 5-0 at the World Boxing Championships in Istanbul on Thursday. Zareen later told reporters, “In these two years, I focused only on my game and tried to improve whatever was lacking in my game.”

Nikhat said, ‘I worked on my strong points. I worked on my weak sides. I worked on all the aspects that I needed to work on and strengthened myself. Zareen said, ‘The obstacles I have faced in my career made me stronger. I have become mentally strong after all this. I believe that no matter what happens, I have to fight and give my best.

Nikhat Zareen has seen difficult times

Zareen had written a letter to the then Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju two years before this golden achievement, urging a fair trial for the Olympic qualifiers. Due to this, Zareen was trolled on social media, while MC Mary Kom asked in strong words ‘Who Nikhat Zareen?’ After this, Zareen lost to Mary Kom in the trials, due to which she could not make it to the Tokyo Olympics. Earlier, 2011 junior world champion Zareen also suffered a shoulder injury, which kept her out of the sport for a year and could not participate in the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships in 2018. Zareen said, ‘I was suffering from a shoulder injury in 2017 for which I had to undergo an operation and I could not participate in competitions for a year. I came back in 2018 but was not at my peak so I missed out on big events like Commonwealth Games, Asiad and World Championships.

Now the goal is to win gold in the Olympics

Nikhat Zareen said that she never gave up. After returning in 2019, he did not look back. She takes all competitions as opportunities and because of her faith, success is kissing her feet today. Zareen will now prepare for the Commonwealth Games trials for which she will have to reduce her weight to 50 kg. She said, ‘There is a 50 kg category in the Commonwealth Games, I will prepare for it now.’

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The 25-year-old boxer, who hails from Telangana, has started preparing for the Paris Olympics, but it is not yet decided in which weight category she will play. They will have to compete in either 54kg or 50kg. Zareen said about this, ‘It is difficult to change the weight category, whether you have to participate in the low weight category or in the high weight category. It is more difficult to participate in the higher weight category than the lower weight category. Zareen said, ‘I think if I play in the 50 kg category then it will not make much difference. Normally my weight remains 51 kg or 51.5 kg. In such a situation, my body will do well in 50 kg. So I will continue to play in the 50kg weight category for now.