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NITI Aayog has suggested setting up of “Public Policy and Planning Departments” in central universities and technical institutions in all the states and union territories of the Himalayan regions. This has been said in the report prepared by NITI Aayog on the topic “Improving Urban Planning Efficiency in India”. NITI Aayog has suggested that all the states and union territories of the Himalayan regions should start postgraduate programs in the central universities and technical institutions with specialization in subjects like mountain area planning, environmental planning, rural area planning, regional planning.

According to the report, central universities and technical institutions in other states and union territories should be encouraged to start postgraduate degree courses in planning. It has been said that there is a lot of knowledge in Indian history regarding the management and planning of human settlements. However, very little research is done about it and rarely taught to the students involved in the planning subject.

The NITI Aayog report released on Thursday said that having a deep understanding of the urban planning principles and methods of ancient times will go a long way in understanding the origin and development of Indian settlements. In the report, the Commission’s advisory committee recommended that all young planners should be informed about the history of human settlements in the Indian subcontinent in such a way as to provide them with information about the planning and management of ancient and medieval Indian settlements.

It states that most of the states have enacted their own Urban and Village Planning Acts which provide the basic basis for the change in the nature of cities and areas. According to the report, “However, new technology developments, policies and initiatives related to urban and regional planning need to be reviewed and upgraded. In such a situation, an apex committee should be constituted at the state level to review the laws related to the scheme.

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