‘No response was given by promising investment’ – Contestant’s big allegation on sharks

Akshay Shah, a contestant of Shark Tank India’s season 1, has claimed that a founder was given an offer, but later his mail was not even responded to.

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Shark Tank India 2: shark tank india A contestant of Season 1 has created a stir with his tweet. He has claimed in a tweet that two sharks had fixed a deal with a man (the pitcher) in this reality show last year, but later after the show was over, he never met the pitcher nor replied to his mail. . However, even after people asked, he neither told the name of the person in whose company the sharks had talked about investment, nor of those two sharks.

The name of the person making the allegations is Akshay Shah and he is the CEO of a company named iWebTechno. Akshay has been the finalist of Shark Tank India season one. He has now accused the pitcher of cheating after making a promise. In a tweet on Twitter on February 5, he wrote, “Met a founder yesterday with whom two sharks did a deal in Season 1. After Shark Tank India, he never met him (founder) nor did he reply to his mail. What to say now?

‘Many founders are scared’

When a person asked him why he is not taking the name of the sharks? To this Akshay Shah replied, “Many founders are afraid. I am helpless What we suffered in the first season, more than 50 per cent suffered the same or more, the effect was that Ashneer (Ashneer Grover was the judge of the show last year) was shown the way and the sharks were told not to talk profanity.

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‘Founders lack guts’

One person said that don’t keep us hanging like this, at least tell the name of the company so that your claim can be confirmed. To this Akshay replied, “Most founders do not have the guts. Nobody wants to reveal their identity.” When a person said that this happens in many shows and not everyone gets funds, Akshay replied, “Don’t give funds and don’t answer after agreeing to give funds, both are different boss.”