No sieve ‘sheep’? Select These Top Offbeat Career Options After 12th

There are many such unconventional courses available in our country, which can be done after 12th. Let us know about such courses.

Career Options After 12th

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Is it possible to make a career after 12th in a field which is new and totally different? it’s possible. Nowadays many youths are looking for such a course which is a bit out of the box. There are many such unconventional courses available in our country, which can be done after 12th. In this article, we are going to tell you about some special courses of the new age, which not only earn well, but can be completed in a very short time. Plus it’s better Career Options Huh.

All these courses are unique with good demand in the job market. It does not cost a lot to do the course. Let us understand about the unconventional field before knowing about such top career options.

What is Unconventional Field?

Such professional courses which are not in the mainstream are called unconventional fields. In other words, courses which are not very popular like old courses like medical, engineering, dental. If we look at the common trends, we find that students usually opt for medical or engineering courses. But with the passage of time there are many courses available which offer an alternative to the traditional course. All the courses mentioned above have proved to be successful and giving new opportunities.

Offbeat Courses after 12th

  • Packaging Technology: Packaging plays an important role in the delivery of any product to the market. Nowadays this technology is used as a marketing strategy. There is a lot of demand for expert professionals in this field. In such a situation, making a career in packaging technology can prove to be a good option for you. In this, from three months certificate course to B.Tech courses are offered. Apart from Indian Institute of Packaging located in Delhi and Mumbai, courses can be done in this field from SIES School of Packaging (Mumbai), Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee), Guru Jambheshwar University (Hisar) and Pusa Polytechnic (New Delhi).
  • Cosmetics & Perfumery Technology: The number of expert professionals qualified in this field in our country is very less. So there is a good chance in this to make a lucrative career. After doing the course, one gets a job easily in Big Perfume House or Cosmetics companies. Experienced perfumers are in demand abroad. One can do PG Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Technology from Kelkar College, Mumbai. If you want, you can do a one year course from Fragrance and Flavor Development Centre, Kannauj. here for full details Click do –
  • Educational Technology: Nowadays technology has access to every aspect of life and society. This course is about digital devices, internet, mobile phones, smart boards, electric gadgets etc. which enhance the teaching and learning process. There are great careers available for the new generation of students. Course in Education Technology can be done from SNDT, Mumbai. Nowadays online courses are also being run.
  • Paper Technology: Paper is not used only for copy-book, newspaper or magazine. Now decoration items are being made from it. After the ban on polythene, new technology is being used in paper production. After doing diploma and degree course, job or your business can be opened. Paper technology is emerging as a great career option. If you are interested in this field, then you can do a course in paper technology from Institute of Paper Technology (Roorkee), Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (Saharanpur), Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur) or Indian Institute of Forest Management (Bhopal). Huh.
  • Paint Technology: Paint technology is an emerging career option in today’s time. To make a career in this field, students should have passed 12th from Science stream. Both undergraduate and post graduate courses can be done in paint technology. After doing the course, apart from paint manufacturing companies, job opportunities are available in the automobile industry and home furnishing industry. This is a branch of engineering, where competition is less and jobs are easily available. The paint industry is continuously progressing, so new jobs and opportunities are being created in this field. The course can be done from Harcourt Butler Technical University (Kanpur), Industrial Research Laboratory (Kolkata) or University Institute of Chemical Technology (Maharashtra).

There are more options

Many courses like Agriculture Management, Food Taste Flavorist, Wine Technology, Footwear Design and Production, Product Designing, Actuarial Science, Polymer Technology, Nanotechnology and Makeup Artist can be added to the list of options mentioned above. Nowadays different courses are run for social service related work, you can choose any one unconventional field from them.

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