Nobel Prize: Sweden’s Svante Pabo won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, 40 years ago, his father also won the prize.

Nobel Prize Week 2022 has started. The award was first announced in the Physiology/Medicine category at the week being held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. This time the Nobel of Medicine has been given to Svante Pbo of Sweden. Svante Pabo has been awarded the Nobel for Medicine for ‘discoveries related to the genome of extinct hominins and human evolution’. The Nobel Committee secretary Thomas Perlman announced his name. The winner in the Physics category will be announced tomorrow i.e. on October 4, in the event which will run till October 10.

who is swante pabo

Born on 20 April 1955 in Stockholm, Sweden, Svante Pabo completed his studies at Uppsala University. Swante is a geneticist and expert in the field of evolutionary genetics. He has also done a lot of work on DNA. The special thing is that Svante’s father Bergstromi also received the Nobel Prize in 1982. He was a biochemist. Swante currently serves at the Max Planck Institute of Evolution Anthropology in Germany.

Through his research, Svante Pabo has completed the analysis of several additional genome sequences from extinct hominins. Pabo’s discoveries are used extensively by the scientific community to better understand human evolution and migration. New methods of genome sequencing indicate that hominins may have mixed with Homo sapiens in Africa.

The Nobel Prize was established in 1895. The Nobel Prizes were awarded for the first time in 1901. So far 975 people have got the Nobel. In addition, 609 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to institutions. The fields in which the Nobel is awarded include physics, medicine, chemistry, literature, peace and economics. This year, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry will be announced on October 5, Literature on October 6, the Nobel Peace Prize on October 7 and the Nobel for Economics on October 10.



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