Not China, ‘aliens’ are spying on America! This is how US became ‘Mamu’

Chinese spy balloons have created a ruckus in America. Democratic and Republican are face to face. Accusing each other, but how can the agencies of any super power country be so careless… read the full story yourself

You may laugh at America’s stupidity while reading it, but the matter is very serious. We have been listening to one thing since childhood. Complete America the biggest power in the world Is. A word like Super Power America started sounding interesting after a while and there was a desire to know it. But in the past, there was such a revelation that this word started to be doubted. In childhood, there was a lot of curiosity to know about the sky, just like America is still concerned about UFO (Unidentified flying object).

America thinks that there are aliens and they are also seen in the sky. The US is spending millions of dollars just to find it. Many times he also claims that some such activities were also captured in his satellite. But there was tension in this affair. China’s balloons returned many times after spying in America and the so called super power kept thinking that it was UFO i.e. alien. On February 5, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group 2 found high-altitude Chinese balloon debris at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On February 4, America’s fighter jet shot it down.

Chinese balloons entered three times during Trump’s reign

The same day, the US military disclosed that similar Chinese balloons had intruded into US airspace at least three times during the administration of President Donald Trump. Which ran from January 2017 to January 2021. Chinese balloons were seen over Texas, Florida and Hawaii as well as near the Pacific Ocean island of Guam. Here are the bases of the American Airforce and Navy. Intelligence experts told that these balloons also flew near Norfolk, Virginia and Coronado, California. These are the two ports where America keeps its prized aircraft carriers. The balloons flying over Guam and Norfolk were believed to have radar-jamming capabilities.

The agency could not catch

The US radar had caught Chinese balloons even then, but for a long time the agencies only kept trying to know whether they were aliens (UFOs) or something else. The New York Times claimed that it took some time for top US military officials to learn about him. Still, when they did not understand, they avoided calling them UFOs. According to the report, the American Navy and several security agencies have seen Chinese balloons several times in recent years. These officers, like other unexplained phenomena, assigned the investigation of UFOs and other aerial phenomena to the Pentagon Task Force.