Not Durga Puja, but call it ‘Rozgar Mela’! 3 lakh people get jobs

The contribution of Durga Puja to the economy of West Bengal is equal to or greater than that of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan to the economy of the Brazilian city.

Durga Puja

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Every year in West Bengal Durga Pooja Along with the grand decoration, a huge economic opportunity also arises. Transactions worth at least Rs 40,000 crore take place during this period and employment opportunities are created for more than three lakh people. The stakeholders said this on Monday. He said that a total of 40,000 community pujas are organized in the state. Of these, 3,000 events are held in Kolkata alone. Due to these events, economic activities remain very fast in the state for about three to four months.

Partho Ghosh, chairman of Forum for Durgotsav (FFD), an organization of around 400 community pujas, said transactions worth at least Rs 40,000 crore take place during puja events in the state. At the same time, employment is created for at least two-three lakh people across the state, as the festive activities start three-four months in advance.

Which people get employment?

Partho Ghosh has been associated with community worship for 52 years and is the organizer of the Sarbajanin Durga Puja, a Shiva temple in South Kolkata. He said that the worship committees act as facilitators of the micro-economy. He said that on the occasion of Durga Puja, the festival would be attended by various fields like pandal makers, idol makers, people associated with electricity sector, security guards, priests, Dhakis, laborers associated with idol transport and people related to food and catering arrangements. Huh. Ghosh said, we do important work for the protection of the general public and our culture.

On the other hand, FFD President Kajal Sarkar said, during the festival, not only the main Durga Puja activities but also the fashion, clothing, footwear, cosmetics and retail sectors get a boost from people’s buying and selling. Whereas in literature and publishing, travel, hotels, restaurants and film and entertainment businesses also see a jump in sales during this period. “This year, the festival is expected to bring about Rs 50,000 crore worth of transactions,” he said.

Durga Puja a Consumption Based Activity

Amid the political turmoil over a grant of Rs 60,000 for each of the 40,000 pujas by the West Bengal government, the state government believes this aid is helpful for barori (community) pujas. Economist Debnarayan Sarkar said that Durga Puja is a consumption based activity. This has a manifold effect on the gross domestic product (GDP) of the state.

He said, according to an ASSOCHAM study in the year 2013, the size of the Durga Puja industry was Rs 25,000 crore. It was estimated to increase by about 35 percent. Accordingly, the worship industry should now reach close to Rs 70,000 crore. The economist said that we need a proper study to assess the value of the worship economy.

Durga Puja contributes 2.58% to GDP

Sarkar, a former professor at Presidency University, said the contribution of Durga Puja to the state’s economy is equal to or greater than that of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in the Brazilian city’s economy and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. The British Council had studied Durga Puja 2019, which revealed that Durga Puja contributes 2.58 percent to the state’s GDP. West Bengal Industries Minister Shashi Panja said that after the Kovid-19 epidemic, there is speculation that the size of the worship economy this year is much more than the British Council’s estimate.

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