Not only in Accenture, layoffs, more than 1.39 lakh jobs were found in the ashes in 2023

In the last more than 6 months, all the tech companies of the world have fired thousands of people. The latest name is Accenture, which has announced layoffs of 19,000 people in one fell swoop. But this is not the only company, but in 2023 many other companies have also laid off many people.

Accenture has announced the layoff of 19,000 people.

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During Kovid, there was a boom in the tech sector and there was tremendous hiring in all the big companies of the world. And after Kovid, by the end of 2022, the tech sector was in a bad condition. People started losing their jobs and now this story continues unabated in 2023 as well. The new name in this list of Google, Amazon, Meta, Twitter and Microsoft is Accenture, which has announced the layoff of 19,000 people.

Experts believe that due to online shift of people during Kovid, there was a boom in the market. To take advantage of this, all these companies hired more people than necessary. Now when the economic crisis seems to be increasing in the world, these companies are firing people equally fast. After all, since the beginning of 2023, how many people have lost their jobs, let us know.

1.39 lakh people lost their jobs

layoff statistics tracking website According to the beginning of 2023 till now 503 tech companies 1,39,165 People have been thrown out of jobs. These companies include names like Indeed, Twilo, LinkedIn, Zoom, Dell, Pinterest and Tinder. At the same time, the new name of Accenture is also attached to it.

Where did the job of how many go?

Accenture’s new layoff figure of 19,000 people is in front of everyone. Now we tell you what is the condition of other companies…

  1. Job search portal company Indeed has talked about the removal of about 2,200 people from the job. At the same time, the salary of the company’s CEO Chris Hyams is also to be reduced by 25 percent.
  2. Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has announced to lay off 10,000 people in the second round of layoffs.
  3. E-commerce company Amazon has once again talked about laying off 9,000 people in the second round. Even before this, the company has fired about 18,000 people.
  4. LinkedIn, the social media of professionals, has laid off 617 employees. Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn, has also told about the removal of 10,000 people from the job.
  5. Google’s parent company Alphabet is working on reducing its workforce by 6 percent. The company has talked about laying off 12,000 people.
  6. IBM Corp, another big company in the tech sector, is also going to show the way out to its 3,900 employees.
  7. Disney, which works in the entertainment sector, is going to lay off 4,000 people once again next week. Whereas in February, the company had announced to lay off 7,000 people in the first round of layoffs.
  8. Cloud communications company Twilo is looking to downsize its total workforce by 17 percent. This is the second phase of retrenchment in the company in the last 6 months.
  9. E-commerce company Ebay is also not behind in this matter. The company says that it will reduce its 4 percent employees in the coming days. This figure will eat up the jobs of about 500 people.
  10. Zoom, a company that provides video conference services, is going to reduce its workforce by 15 percent. Due to this, the livelihood of about 1,300 employees of the company will come.
  11. There has been a threat to the jobs of 6,650 people in Dell. These are about 5 percent of the total workforce of the company.
  12. Tinder’s owner Match is likely to reduce its total workforce by 8 percent.
  13. The total number of Pinterest employees is around 4,000. The company is going to lay off about 150 people.
  14. America’s fintech company Paypal is going to lay off about 2,000 people in 2023.
  15. Food delivery company DoorDash is laying off 1,250 employees. The total number of employees of the company is around 8,600 worldwide.