Now children can eat pencil like candy, know how it is prepared and what is its specialty?

Nutritious Pencil: Two girl students have made such a pencil, with which children can write and eat it. Eating this will not cause much harm to the children. Let us know how it has been made.

Nutritious Pencil

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Nutritious Pencil: Most children have a habit of studying ,school education, While doing this, they eat pencils, which has a bad effect on their health. Two girl students have made such a pencil, which children can eat along with writing and it will not cause any harm. This slate pencil was recently recognized in the science exhibition organized at the National Science Congress, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to media reports, two girl students of Telangana have made this pencil from food items. Children can also write and eat with it. Eating this will not harm the health of the children either.

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Class 9th girl students have prepared pencil

According to the news published in NEWS18, class 9 students Hari Priya and Afsian Sultana at ZPHS Government High School in Godavarikhani, Peddapalli district of Telangana said that most of the children ate using slate pencils and are falling sick. Due to which the idea of ​​making slate pencils from nutrient-rich food items came up, so that children do not fall sick while eating them.

Pencil is made from these foods

Both shared their thoughts with their science teacher Sunita. She appreciated the idea of ​​the girl students and agreed to act as a guide for their project. The girl students prepared edible slate pencils using dry fruits, rice flour, groundnut powder, sugar, jaggery and sesame powder.

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Nutritious slate pencils are designed in such a way that kids can use them like slate pencils and eat them like candy. On the other hand, Afsia Sultana said that she noticed that when her younger sister used to eat slate pencil, she used to complain of stomach ache. After this the idea of ​​making edible slate pencils came.