Now gold will come out from ATM, first Gold ATM started in the country

Now buying gold will be as easy as withdrawing money from ATM. Yes, the first gold ATM has started in the country. Where gold will come in your hand in the blink of an eye, and the payment will also be done in a cashless manner.

First gold ATM opened in the country

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The desire of common people regarding gold in India is not hidden from anyone. Now the first Gold ATM (India’s First Gold ATM) opened in the country will make your desire to buy gold easy, its specialty is that in this you can buy gold in the blink of an eye by paying cashless. That is, now you neither need long-term planning to buy gold, nor do you have to go to any jewelery shop.

Where was the first gold ATM installed?

This country’s first gold ATM has been started in Hyderabad, Telangana. It has been installed by a company named Goldsikka Private Limited. Regarding this, the company claims that this is the country’s first real time gold dispensing machine.

India will again be called ‘Golden Bird’

This has been tweeted from the official handle of the company. It says that we are contributing to the mission of making India the golden bird again and the golden Telangana (Bangaru Telangana). We have successfully launched Gold ATM.

Payment will be cashless at ATM

There will be cashless payment on this gold ATM of the company. The company told that this ATM will be open round the clock. Any customer can buy gold from here according to his budget. For this, payment can be made through debit and credit cards. People can use this ATM to buy gold in an instant manner.

Gold will be available at the current rate

Trade will be done on the basis of the current rate of gold at Gold ATM. The market price of gold will be displayed on this, on the basis of which people can buy gold by making payment. This ATM will dispense gold in quantities ranging from 0.5 grams to 100 grams.

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English Headline : India’s first gold ATM open in Hyderabad people can do cashless payment.