Now this government scheme will give bumper returns, after increasing interest rates, know the calculation

Post Office MIS: The Central Government has increased the interest rate on the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office from 6.6 percent to 6.7 percent with the aim of giving better benefits to the common people.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme will give good returns to people

Post Office MIS , If you invest in government schemes, then you can get better returns every month by investing in this government scheme. Because the Central Government has increased the interest rate on the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office from 6.6 percent to 6.7 percent. Let us inform that the Central Government has given some relief to the investors of Small Savings Scheme after 9 consecutive quarters. The interest rates of some small savings schemes have been increased for the December quarter. Due to which now investors will get more profit on these schemes. These include the Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) of the Post Office.

If you will invest in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS), then you can earn good income every month by investing lump sum money in Post Office MIS and here your entire deposit will be safe and after 5 years you will get full You can withdraw the amount. In this scheme of post office, facility of opening single and joint account is available. There are many people who are taking advantage of this scheme for pension after retirement.

Let us inform that now the annual interest rate in the Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) of the Post Office has become 6.7 percent. If you have deposited Rs 9 lakh in the scheme, then at the rate of 6.7 per cent per annum, the total interest for one year will be Rs 60,300. This amount will be distributed over the 12 months of the year. In this way, the interest of every month will be around Rs 5025. If you deposit Rs 4,50,000 lakh through a single account, then the monthly interest will be Rs 2513. In this, you can invest Rs 9 on opening a joint account. At the same time, a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh can be invested in this scheme through a single account.

Benefits of Post Office MIS Scheme

The tenure in this post office scheme is only 5 years, but after 5 years it can be extended according to the new interest rate. That is, you can also take advantage of lifetime monthly income in this. Under this scheme, you are getting better returns as compared to bank FD. If you do not withdraw the money monthly, then it will remain in your post office savings account and you will continue to get interest by adding this money along with the principal amount.

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This is how the account will be opened in the post office

To take advantage of this scheme, it is very important to have a savings account in the post office. Aadhar card or passport or voter card or driving license is necessary for ID proof to open an account. Along with this, 2 passport size photographs, government issued ID card or utility bill are valid for address proof. If these are documents, then you have to go to the post office and fill the form of POMIS. You can also download it online. Along with filling the form, the name of the nominee will also have to be given. To open this account, initially it will be mandatory to deposit Rs 1000 through cash or cheque.