Nushratt bharucha Trolled: Actress Nusrat Bharucha, who got trolled badly for the film ‘Continuing in public interest’, gave a befitting reply, said – this is the thinking …

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Actress Nusrat Bharucha is being trolled badly for her upcoming film ‘Janhit Mein’. After which, giving a befitting reply to the trollers on social media, the actress has shared a video.

bollywood actress Nushrat Bharucha ,Nushrratt Bharccha) is known as an actress who has achieved success in a very short time. These days the actress is releasing her film ‘Janhit Mein’ (Janhit Mein Jaari) has made headlines. The actress has made a special place in the hearts of fans with her superb performance. Recently some posters of Nusrat’s soon-to-be released film ‘Janhit Mein Jari’ were released. After which now the teaser of the film (Janhit Mein Jaari Teaser) has appeared. The actress is seen promoting condoms regarding the film. But, while some viewers are liking the teaser of the film. On the other hand, many people are criticizing it fiercely.

Let us tell you that in this film Nushrat Bharucha is playing the role of a sales girl, who works to spread awareness among people by selling condoms. but. Due to this noble work, Nusrat is now being trolled fiercely. As soon as the teaser of the film came out, people started talking dirty about the actress.

After which the actress shared a video shortly before while replying to the trollers on social media. In this video, Nusrat has also shown people’s comments on her post. Along with this, he has also shown the petty mentality of the people and said that only this thinking of the people has to be changed.

People telling the film to be a D grade

In the video shared by the actress, you can see how people’s obscene comments are coming on Nusrat’s post. With this, some are telling the film to be D grade, while some are saying that Bollywood has become a medical store.

Check out Nushrat Bharucha’s tweet here

Girls don’t sell condoms – Troller

At the same time, after watching the teaser of many films, users also say that the story of the film is not real, because no girl goes to the market and sells condoms like this.

There is a strong message in the teaser of the film

Nushrat Bharucha will be seen in the role of a saleswoman in the film ‘Janhit Mein Jari’. At the beginning of the teaser of the film, Nusrat gives a wonderful message saying, Raat Rangoli, Maze, Pleasure. Seeing all this, we became 40 to 140 crores. After this, the actress is seen selling condoms from shops to the streets. At the same time, in the video, an old man tells Nusrat, you will be able to climb the third floor. To which the actress said, ‘O Chacha is promoting our company’s condoms.’

Watch the teaser of the film here

How will the actress shut the trollers’ mouth

Let us inform that Nusrat Bharucha’s film ‘Janihit Mein Jaari’ will hit the theaters on June 10. Before this, the actress was last seen in the film Chhori. He also gave a strong message in this horror film. Now it will be interesting to see that Nusrat will be able to silence the trollers by doing wonders at the box office with her impeccable performance?