NZ vs SL: Battery runs out at the last moment, the world is shocked to see the fate of the batsman, watch Video | New Zealand vs Sri Lanka tom latham Hits Stumps In Full Speed ​​karunaratne still survives

The first ODI match was played between New Zealand and Sri Lanka in Auckland. In this match, Sri Lankan batsman Chamika Karunaratne got a life as the battery of the bails ran out.

New Zealand batsman got life

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New Delhi. Many times in the world of cricket, something is seen which no one could have imagined. Some incidents are such that questions are also raised on the increasing use of technology in cricket. something like this happened Sri Lanka and New Zealand In the one-day match between where the batsman was not dismissed even after being dismissed. Technology betrayed the fielding team. Whoever saw this scene of the match was surprised.

Sri Lanka is currently on a tour of New Zealand. The ODI series was played between the two teams after the two Test series. The first match of this series was played in Auckland. During the match, luck rich Sri Lankan batsman Chamika Karunaratne was saved from runout only because the battery of stumps bails was over.

Karunaratne did not go to the pavilion even after being run out

In this match, the New Zealand batsmen had given a target of 275 runs to the Sri Lankan team, playing in a strong manner. The Sri Lankan team came out to chase the target. Blair Tickner brought the 18th over of the innings. Karunaratne was on strike on the fourth ball of the over, who played the ball towards mid-wicket and ran for runs. He took the first run very easily but before he could reach the crease to complete the second run, the Kiwi fielder tried to drop the bails.

Bell’s battery was dead

Seeing this scene, it seemed that Karunaratne was out but it did not happen. The ball hit the bails, due to which they moved away from the stumps, but the light did not light up and the umpire gave the batsman not out. The New Zealand player put his hand on the stumps, at that time the battery of the lights on the stumps and bails had run out. Due to which the light did not turn on when the player got run out. Photos and videos of this incident are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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New Zealand won the match

However, this did not harm New Zealand much as he was dismissed in the very next over i.e. in the 19th over. henry shipley Got this wicket. The entire Lankan team was bundled out for just 76 runs and New Zealand got a big win by 198 runs in the first ODI but the incident of runout surprised the fans. Everyone was calling it negligence and said that it is not a good thing to happen at the international level.