Ointment on wounds! OYO is asking for jobs only for those who were fired

OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal has said that he will do everything possible to ensure that most of the people who are laid off get a good job.

oyo founder ritesh agarwal

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Oyo recently announced that it will cut 600 jobs in the technology and corporate sector. At the same time, after the company made this announcement, now OYO Founder and Group CEO Ritesh Agarwal has made a special request to the people. Ritesh Agarwal has requested people to help find jobs for the laid-off employees in Oyo. Oyo said that it is making changes in its organizational structure. Under this, layoffs will be done in Product & Engineering, Corporate Headquarters and Oyo Vacation Home team.

The thing to note here is that after the retrenchment of 600 people in the company, there will be a reduction of about 10 percent in its total workforce. Presently 3700 employees are working in the company. However, the company has also said that it is also going to recruit about 250 people soon. In recent times, many tech companies have announced layoffs at their place.

What did the OYO CEO say?

Ritesh Aggarwal wrote in a Linkedin post, ‘Many talented OYOpreneurs have to part ways with OYO. We want to make sure that they get help and support. He said, ‘Companies who are hiring in the tech sector can contact [email protected] We will share an information with our employees again to re-recruit our outgoing colleagues.

Aggarwal said, “Ensuring the well-being of our employees during and after their work with us is our top priority. I will actively support these talented people and support them at every step.

Oyo announced layoffs

Oyo said on Saturday that it would cut 600 jobs in the technology and corporate sector. Along with this, the company will also recruit about 250 people in the relationship management team. Oyo will reduce 10 percent of its 3,700 employees, which includes new recruitment of 250 members and layoffs of 600 employees, said a statement. The company said that the product and engineering teams are being merged for smooth functioning.

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