Ola Electric Preparing to give Small Screen for Driver Assistance on S1 Pro Scooter

Ola Electric, one of the largest electric two-wheeler companies, can add Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to its S1 Pro electric scooter. It aims to make travel safer for two-wheeler riders. ADAS hardware and software will allow riders in the company’s electric scooters to get maps and other road information on a small screen.

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, shared a teaser that shows the S1 Pro scooter sporting a small screen with a speedometer on a metal stand. However, not much information has been given about it in the teaser. Aggarwal has said that this information will be given in a tech demo. The screen seen in this teaser is similar to the mobile screen. This will allow riders to use the electric vehicle’s adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance and pedestrian detection features. Automobile companies have taken a long time to bring this feature in cars. Preparations are being made to bring it in two-wheelers.

last year company had faced difficulties due to cases of some of its electric scooters catching fire. Apart from this, complaints were also made regarding the range and quality of Ola’s electric scooters. The company plans to launch some new electric two-wheelers. These could include a low-cost scooter, a premium motorcycle and a low-cost electric motorcycle. The company also plans to launch its first electric car in 2024. Ola Electric aims to launch its first car for less than $50,000.

In this segment, the company will compete with companies like Tesla and Hyundai apart from Tata Motors in the country. Ola Electric last year Electric Car A teaser was released. In this, some hints were given about the exterior and interior of this electric car. It gets a unique and modern design steering wheel. The two-spoke design features jet styled steering mounted controls with the OLA logo in the centre. It gets cameras instead of rearview mirrors, which will help in aerodynamics. There is a large infotainment screen in the middle which could be over 12 inches.



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