Ola S1 Pro will no longer have heating or software related problems, the company is doing a special upgrade!

The Ola S1 Pro electric scooters are reportedly getting an upgrade. This upgrade being given in the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is for the upcoming updates and also to ensure that the electric scooter does not have any heating issue. The aim of the company is that in the coming times, there is no need to recall its electric scooters. The VCU on the new Ola S1 Pro scooters is now being upgraded which has more RAM and more onboard storage. There is news about the company that soon it will upgrade the VCU in the old units as well. Last month, Ola Electric recalled 1,441 units. However, till now it has not been officially announced by the company when it will upgrade the VCU in the scooters that have been sold earlier.

of 91Mobiles Report Tipster Yogesh Brar is quoted as saying that Ola Electric may announce a recall for scooter units sold before March or may even start a home visit program. The units sold do not have enough RAM and storage inside the VCU so that they may not receive future updates. The company has taken this step after complaints in which users said that their scooter gets reverse mode or the scooter shuts down on its own. Apart from this, a fire broke out in an electric scooter of the company in Pune in March.

The new VCUs being installed now have more RAM and more onboard storage, so they can easily receive future updates. However, the company has not yet shared any plans to upgrade the new VCUs in the old scooters. Gadgets 360 has tried to contact Ola Electric. As soon as there is a reply from the company, it will be updated here.

The specifications of the new VCU have not been mentioned in the report. At the launch of Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro, the company had said that the VCU of the scooter will be powered by an octa-core processor, along with 3GB of RAM, 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. At the time of launch, the company had said that it also has a battery management system that can monitor the durability, performance, range and safety of the battery.

According to the tipster, the company is closely monitoring the health of the battery cells and the battery, which can be controlled from the VCU. Many things like speed, thermal level, charging control, voltage, power efficiency, diagnosis are controlled from the VCU. After the upgrade, users will not face any problems related to these, it has been said in the report.