Omicron created a ruckus in the world! Variants are also making children a victim, thousands of people are getting infected every day in Britain

Corona is spreading rapidly in Australia as well. For the first time in New South Wales, 3000 new cases of corona were reported in a day.

Case of Omicron variant found in Australia

Along with the whole world, cases of Omicron variants are increasing in the country as well. On Tuesday, 11 new Omicron patients were detected in Maharashtra. Now Omicron has been detected in 65 people in Maharashtra. Omicron has knocked in Jammu as well. More than 200 Omicron patients have been confirmed across the country. It is also a matter of concern that today the corona virus has reached the Parliament of the country. BSP MP Danish Ali has become Corona positive. Till yesterday, he was involved in the proceedings of the House. Similarly, the corona report of four passengers who returned from Britain in Goa has come positive.

Now two new Omicron patients have also been detected in Odisha. At the same time, 7 students of IIT Bombay have turned out to be Kovid positive. Their samples have been sent for genome sequencing. Regarding Omicron, the Karnataka government banned New Year parties and events from 30 December to 2 January. At this time, Omicron has created an outcry in Britain, America and South Africa. Omicron variants are being detected in more than 10,000 new patients in the UK. The scary thing is that the patients who are reaching the hospital. They include children up to five years of age, and Omicron is 20 percent more lethal than adults.

WHO appeals to cancel Christmas celebrations

This time 39 percent more children have had to be admitted to the hospital than last week. The condition of America is that now Omicron has replaced the Delta as the main variant there. Similarly, in Denmark too, Omicron has become the dominant strain. In view of these circumstances, the Chief of WHO has appealed to all the countries to cancel the Christmas celebrations. He said that it is better not to celebrate than to mourn. The government of the Netherlands has decided to impose a strict lockdown in view of Omicron. Christmas and New Year celebrations have been banned. Schools, universities, other non-essential stores, bars and restaurants have been closed till January 14. Museums have also been closed in Denmark.

Australia and Thailand took precautionary measures

Corona is spreading rapidly in Australia as well. For the first time in New South Wales, 3000 new cases of corona were reported in a day. Due to this, there has been increased pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to roll out the booster dose. Similarly, 1245 new patients have been found in Victoria. Amidst the threat of Omicron, Thailand also announced mandatory quarantine for foreign travelers. Earlier, entry used to be made by showing negative RTPCR report, but now this scheme has been stopped. Similarly, amidst the fifth wave of Corona in Israel, travel from America has been banned.

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