On seeing Neeraj, the girl started crying bitterly, the Olympic champion took care of her, see heart touching VIDEO. Neeraj Chopra Surprises children in bengaluru School Student in Tears on Meeting olympic champion

Neeraj Chopra has shared a cute video on his Twitter account. In this video, Neeraj had come to meet the children of the school. Here a girl started crying after seeing him.

Neeraj Chopra reached the school to meet the children

Image Credit source: Screengrab

New Delhi. Javelin throw star of India Neeraj Chopra Among the most popular players of the country. Be it children or youth, soldiers or politicians, everyone is a fan of this player. By giving Olympic gold to the country, Neeraj showed that feat of which everyone is a fan. The coming generation is getting inspired by seeing Neeraj. This Asian champion is very popular among kids too. Neeraj himself recently gave proof of this.

Neeraj is in India these days. A few days ago, he used to come to watch the Women’s Premier League match. On Saturday, this star player reached a school where the children were surprised to see him. At the same time, the girl who considered Neeraj as her idol started crying. The fans liked the way Neeraj handled the girl.

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The girl started crying after seeing Neeraj

Neeraj shared the picture on his Twitter account in which he told that he is going to go to a school. Saturday was a holiday and only those children who like to play were asked to come to school. The children were sitting in the room watching the video of Neeraj’s Olympic victory. Neeraj reached inside and on seeing him, a small girl in the room started crying. Neeraj went to him and asked what happened. The girl innocently replied that she is very happy to see her idol in front of her. Neeraj pacified the child by placing his hand on her head.

Neeraj spent time with children

Meanwhile, another girl asked Neeraj that he really Olympic Champion is Neeraj. Neeraj met all the children. Told him about his Olympic experiences. Shared with the children how they felt when the national anthem was being played in the stadium. After this he gave autographs to all the children and also took pictures with them. In the caption of this video, he wrote that Saturday was a day of surprises. He enjoyed meeting the children.

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