On the breakup from Neha Kakkar, Himansh Kohli gave a big statement, said- If I had done something wrong…

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli were in a relationship at one time. Both had accepted their love on social media, all was going well that one day Neha revealed the breakup on social media. Apart from this, Neha also made many allegations on Himansh. Although Himansh never spoke openly on the breakup. But now Himansh spoke openly on the breakup and explained why he does not talk on this topic.

Himansh said in an interview to Bollywood Bubble, ‘That was my breakup. Why should I tell the whole world about that? Why should I tell everyone what happened in my house? Why does it matter to the rest?

After the breakup, there was a lot of negative talk about Himansh, on which Himansh said, ‘All this was happening since the year 2018. I don’t even blew Neha for this anymore. She has moved on, is happy and I am happy for her. I am happy for myself I am living my dream life, earning money and entertaining more people. But there are some people who are still stuck in 2018 whereas we are in 2021. You can’t do anything about it. Some people think that I have done something wrong with someone, but I know that I am not a bad person.

Himansh said, ‘If I had done something wrong, I could never sleep peacefully. So it is not necessary that I go in public and keep my point that what is right and what is wrong.

Himansh further said about the past, ‘She did something on her behalf, she was angry and she posted something. I was angry, but I did not post. But who is more toxic now? Toxic are people who target you. I never wanted to blame anyone, so I never said anything. I did not want to say anything wrong about them.

By the way, Neha is now enjoying her married life with Rohanpreet Singh. Both love each other very much. Not only this, both of them keep praising each other on social media or even on TV.

Neha said about her love story, ‘We both met during the shoot and Rohanpreet asked me my Snapchat ID and then we started talking there. After this, Rohanpreet told me that he likes me, but I said that look, I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. I want to get married straight now. But Rohanpreet said at that time that I am still young, so how should I get married so soon?

How did it become then

Neha had said that after this both of them had stopped talking. But then one day Rohanpreet called me after drinking beer and said that he wants to spend his whole life with me. I thought Rohanpreet is speaking after drinking. The next day everyone will forget, but he came the next day and said that I still want to say the same thing that happened to us at night. After this I told Rohanpreet that you have to talk to my mother.

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