On the sudden withdrawal from the serial, the TV industry came in support of Tanaz Irani, from Kishwar Merchant to Remo D’Souza’s wife.

Actress Tanaz Irani has posted on social media saying “Humanity is over in India”. Many TV celebrities have given their support on this post. When Tanaz got his own time, the matter of taking out the night from the show (Zee Tv’s Apna Bhi Time Aaega) went viral on social media, since then many of his fans are openly supporting him on social media.

Tanaz Irani was shocked after knowing that he was replaced overnight by his live TV show ‘Apna Bhi Time Aayega’. He said that when he told his family about leaving his family to go to Goa for shooting during this pandemic, he found out that he had been converted into a show the next day. The actress, who plays Ranisa in the serial, expressed her anger through a post on social media and then many TV celebrities have come forward in her support.

Replacement from the show was done on phone call

Tanaz has written in his post that I have been replaced by the show on a phone call. If I had left the show while doing so as an actor, I would have been infamous. If I left the show with a new offer for a good character and for money, I would be called unprofessional. But what should they say if production houses do this? ”On this post of Tanaz, husband Bakhtiar and many other actors have supported him saying that during this epidemic, family and health is the first.


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Husband said Tanaz has taken a stand

Commenting below the post of Tanaz, her husband Bakhtiar said that sorry, but the actors need to raise their voice to honor themselves. When some actors are in ICU and some are dead, but still some are still shooting. TRPs and episodes are necessary for a producer but an actor should not care about it. Tanaz has taken a stand not to go out for shooting, but the rest of the people have not taken it.

Kishwar Merchant supported

Actress Kishwar Merchant said that it looks as if humanity has ended in India. And these people always want to blame the actors and make a one-sided deal. Most people in Goa are Corona positive. Therefore, you have every right to ask questions. You and your family are always first for you, at least this is what this epidemic has taught me.

Family is the first

Actress Vahbbiz Dorabji has written that it is very sad that even after the epidemic, he did not learn to value the life of human beings. Actors are not tissue papers. First learn to respect them and you are absolutely right. Safety is first. Tanaz’s sister-in-law Delnaz has written that before health and family, nothing is more important. Lizelle, the wife of reality show judge and dance choreographer Remo D’Souza, said, “Oh God, what the hell is this?” How can people be like this?

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