One video, one song and the heart of crores of Indians was broken….

MS Dhoni announced his retirement in the year 2020 by sharing an Instagram post.

Two years to MS Dhoni’s retirement

August 15 holds a special place in the life of every Indian. Even so, why not this day which is our Independence Day. However, from the year 2020 onwards, this day was also printed in the mind of every cricket fan forever. This is the day when a song, a video broke the heart of the entire nation and the world of cricket is called Thalaiva. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Said goodbye to his career.

Dhoni had announced retirement

Two years ago today, the whole country was painted in the colors of Independence Day as usual. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is very less active on social media, shared a video on social media. There were some pictures of Dhoni’s career in the video. The song ‘Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon’ was playing in the background. In the caption below it, he wrote, ‘Thank you for the love and support you have always received. Consider me retired after 7.29 pm today. There were only a few days left for the IPL to start. Dhoni was in Chennai at that time and was part of the Chennai Super Kings camp for the IPL. Talks of Dhoni’s retirement were going on for a long time but no one expected it, thus suddenly Dhoni would announce it.

no event no press conference

After this post of his, as social media got painted in the color of Dhoni. Only Dhoni was visible everywhere. What actor, what leader, what actor, everyone just seemed to remember Dhoni. The next day newspapers were also seen full of his photographs. Dhoni did not hold any press conference, nor did any big event, just by putting a video, ended his career of 16 years. Dhoni has always been known for taking sudden decisions like this. Whether it is the decision to leave the Test format or to leave the captaincy. Once again he surprised the fans in the same way.

2019 world cup semi final match

The semi-final match of the ODI World Cup played in the year 2019 was his last match for Team India. India lost this match against New Zealand and its dream of going to the final was shattered. Dhoni was run out in this match. Just like the beginning of his career. Dhoni never played for India after that. Although the fans were hoping at that time that Dhoni would definitely return, but the date of August 15, 2020, broke their dreams.