Online Scam Alert! Rs 8.6 lakh looted in lieu of getting jobs from two women of Mumbai

Online scams are currently the biggest threat to an increasingly digital world. Along with hacking, news of online scams is heard every day, in which money is robbed from people in many different ways. One such latest incident has come from the city of Mumbai in India, where two women have been scammed online. A total of Rs 8.6 lakh has been looted from these women on the pretext of getting jobs.

TOI’s accordingA total of Rs 8.6 lakh has been duped by cyber scammers in separate cases from two women of Borivali in lieu of giving employment. According to the report, the complainant, a 40-year-old housewife, told the police that she was looking for a job at Google when she saw a link and clicked on it. After this, he started receiving messages on Telegram app from unknown officials. He was asked to register on a website with his email ID and phone number and to participate in a “recharge” scheme.

The report further states that under this scheme, the woman had to make some payment on the website and later she would get the commission. The woman paid Rs 100 and got Rs 227 as promised.

Thereafter, she reportedly kept on making such payments, in return for which she continued to receive some money. However, this did not last long and soon he paid a total of Rs 5.14 lakh, but he stopped getting the refund. He complained to those officials on Telegram app, but did not get any response. He finally filed a police complaint on August 12.

At the same time, it has been told in the same report that another incident is also from Borivali, where a 43-year-old woman complained to the police on 8 August. The woman was a former employee of the store manager, who was looking for a job. She had received a text message from cyber scammers asking her to invest in consumer products online and earn a commission for it.

The woman was asked to register for the service by filling an online form and then added to a group on Telegram. As per reports, he was asked to buy a belt for Rs 160 and within minutes, Rs 240 including commission was received in his bank account. Pleased with this, the woman decided to invest in products like face cream, shirt, shoes, phone etc. and paid Rs 3.54 lakh, but did not get any income in return. Thereafter, he filed a complaint with the police.<!–